Tribute to
Emaleigh Grace DeVaney
Carol DeVaney
Romance Fiction
Our Angel  - Who was
God's plan for Emaleigh Grace,
reached its final goal.
Wednesday, January 21, 2004
at 6:55 am, God sent Angels to
gather His Sweetest Angel. Our
Precious Emaleigh.
Cozumel-Spring, 2003
Summer, 2003
October, 2002
Emaleigh is singing, tap-dancing, cheerleading, painting, planting
flowers, brushing her beautiful long brown tresses, is pain free and
cancer free. Emaleigh is free at last of her suffering.

For six months, Emaleigh battled a vicious, wicked cancer. We
prayed, Topetecan, a new drug for her treatment, was a ray of hope.

But, it wasn't to be.

Though literally thousands of prayers went up in Emaleigh's
behalf, God chose to bring her unto Himself. His will was done.

No details are necessary while we respect her parents wishes that
this last phase of her illness be kept private. Please pray for peace
and comfort for Emaleigh's parents, grandparents and other family

Emaleigh remains our miracle baby, our pearl, our diamond, the
sunshine in our lives. She lives on in our hearts, through
memories that will suffice a lifetime.

Thank you for months of prayer, calls, consoling e-mails and by
whatever means you contributed toward Emaleigh's happiness.
There is no way we can ever forget your comforting words,
compassion and loving generosities toward Emaleigh and for that -
We Love You.

Emaleigh's Nana
Christmas, 2002
God's Greatestt Gift -- Our Children
Love your Children like there is no tomorrow
No gift is more precious than that of a child. And . . . no loss is greater than that of a child. Not all parents are
blessed with healthy children and my heart goes out to each and every one who suffers heartache because of
childhood sickness or birth defects. Each child is precious and deserves the right to a bright and healthy future.
When a devastating illness strikes a seemingly healthy child, it comes in the blink of an eye and changes your
life forever. If we can help but one child, then we've contributed happiness and joy in the lives of those less
fortunate. Below are some sites I hope you'll take a moment to visit.
Medical Sites
Personal Sites
Bandaides and Blackboards
Make a Wish Foundation
Oncolink's  Wilms Tumor Page
Pediatric Onocology Resource Center
St Jude
Stories and Faces
Moon and Back
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