Carol DeVaney
Author Romance Fiction
"You gain
courage, and
confidence by
experience in
which you
really stop to
look fear in the
face. You must
do the thing
which you think
you cannot do."
~ Eleanor
Roosevelt ~
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When the poetic muse rears its head, I scramble for pen and
paper to write down whatever comes.

Below are two such musings written either before or directly
after my ninety-year-old patient passed away. A man whose
heart was bigger than any problem he encountered. A man who
understood the giving of oneself, believed and practiced that
we're all here to lend a hand in times of need.

While his outlook on life had a profound affect on me . . . it is
the love of my child and grandchild, Emaleigh Grace, that
ultimately inspired LOVE IS.
"Love is one
moment in
time, One
moment of
love is a


Beautiful imagery! Loved this. ~Ed Kostro~

This is so beautiful. Love is all this, indeed. Great writing.  
~John Bidwell~

You've found the words to describe what most of us strive to
feel. ~Gary Gebert~
         Love Is

Love is a misty rain;
The caress of a gentle breeze.
Glistening snowflakes;
A mountain in spring.
A glorious sunset;
Or in a summer's sky.
A baby's touch;
A soft voice.
It is yielding;
It is the moment just before
It carries no force;
It issues no pressure.
Love is mellow;
Ageless and unselfish.
It is wisdom;
With kindness.
It is forgiving;
Of imperfections.
It is the calm;
In the midst of a storm.
It is the quiet;
Of a hushed moment.
Love does not scold;
Nor rebuke.
It is majestic;
Not for the faint of heart.
It is tender;
Soft as a baby's skin.
Trusting, honest;
Consuming and strong;
Love is
Carol DeVaney

Have you ever met a True Southern
Gentleman? They cherish their
wives and hold their mothers in high
esteem. They believe all things of
God are sacred, and they honor the
Ten Commandments.

John Atkinson Flannery, was such a
man. He was kind, honest; a man of
strength, a man of character. A man
novels are written about.

I miss our talks, his wisdom and
thoughtfulness. I remember snowy,
thick hair, the twinkle in his eyes
and  hearty laughter. Moments of
quiet, humor, sadness and joy.

His life, spoke louder than words.
Equally as important, was his
appreciation of . . . the little things.
-Carol DeVaney
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In the meantime, please enjoy the poem, Love Is and a memory of one of my patients.

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