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May 12, 2006
Please look for the July, 2006 issue of North American Whitetail to read Michael DeVaney's latest deer triumph.
October 28, 2005
As promised, although late, here's the information on my son's story
publication. Look for the September, 2005 issue of
North American
On the last page of the magazine is a section called
Trails and Tails.
The title of the story is "
An Unbreakable Bond."

Michael's story is moving and well done. If anyone is interested in
looking at the site, the web address is

We're so proud of his work, especially since the story is about his
daughter,  Emaleigh. If you get a chance, please locate a copy and read a
touching story from a father in memory his daughter..

If you'd like to send an email to Michael, send it to and I'll see that he gets it.
Neither my son, nor myself, knew at the time I sent off my story that
the stories were so closely titled. His is "An Unbreakable Bond" and
mine was "Unbreakable Bond." Kind of eerie.

I still haven't heard back on a publication date for my story. When I do,
I'll post it here.

Grace Will Lead Us Home, isn't complete as of this writing. Soon I
hope though.

Fall is here and I love the fresh air, colors of leaves that paints the
mountains and the feel of freedom Fall always brings.

Until next month, many blessings in your writings and in life.
Until next time, I wish you happiness, butterflies . . . and music.
December 26, 2004
This past year brought about life changing events. Like many of you, we've lost a precious loved one. For that my heart goes out to
you. Life and holidays will never be the same, but, we'll go on. We must.

On a brighter note, I've had another short story accepted for publication. Look for
UNBREAKABLE BOND, in honor of my
Granddaughter, Emaleigh Grace, coming soon in
Hope For Life After Love, Anthology. A firm publication date is pending and I'll post
the date as soon as I receive notification.

My son traveled with three other hunting friends to
Saskatchewan in November for a life-long dream of hunting Whitetail deer.
While there, his ultimate hunting dream came true. On his five and half day trip, he got a 320 pound, 11 pointer, "green" gross,
scoring 181
Boone and Crockett points.

If any of you are interested in reading more on his trip, I'll post a link when the story is out. You won't want to miss this great

I'm getting back to writing on a novel, too long on the back burner. Also, I'm writing Grace Will Lead Us Home, dedicated to my
granddaughter. At its completion, I'll post further information.

I've made many new friends this year, for which I'm thankful. The love of Family and Friends are what matter when all else is out
of sorts.

May the upcoming year be the best ever for you. If you're a writer, keep writing, submitting and believing. Dreams do come true.
December 2002
April 2003
July 10, 2004
How often do you dream of slipping into a lazy
afternoon? A remote mountain side, a rushing
waterfall, a blanket, soft music and the world
at your feet? Sounds good to me too. But,
since that isn't always possible, I'll settle for a
 cozy armchair and a great book to carry me

Summer's nearing an end, and that means I'll
have more time to read and write. Two of my
favorite things to do.

This year has been especially busy. With work
and all the extra chores summer brings, my
writing slowed too much for my liking. But . . .
the stories keep coming. Polishing and editing
three short stories this past month, kept the
coffee pot perking.

Is it worth it? You bet it is.

Nothing compares to exhilarations of popping
a new manuscript in the mail. Except an
acceptance letter, of course. What a feeling!

A few months ago I decided a website would
be in order. What better way to market myself
and get my writings in the hands of readers?
How much was there to building a website?
Was I in for a surprise. Webmastering was not
my idea of fun.

I found myself wondering whatever possessed
me. Didn't I have enough to do?  Eventually
the site resembled something close to
presentable and I threw out the empty bottle
of Tylenol.

Anyway, the new website is now up and
running. So is my heart, wondering why I'd
exhausted myself and spent an entire week
again, with little sleep. But, after much
consideration, the week was well spent.
Well, the Azalea's are in bloom again and so
are my sinus problems. Winter was long and
hard, so that alone makes the short lived
pollen season is easier to live with.

I gaze out the window at various plants and
their wonderous colors and am amazed at the
tender young plants ability to make it through
such frozen abuse.

Speaking of gazing out the window, I find my
thoughts wander outside more these days and
not on what I'm writing.

When being inside overwhelms, a walk in the
yard or a trip to the park helps spark a new
twist to an idea sometimes.

The holidays came and went and before long,
tax season loomed. Now that taxes are out of
the way, it's time to concentrate on writing

Short stories and rewrites for the most part,
have consumed the last few months.  And time
has come to submit, then play the waiting

That's all for this time.  I hope your writing
goes well and the publishing  Angel smiles on

Remember to hug someone you love today.
How quickly time passes.
Unbelievable it's been so long since
the Newsletter was updated.

At any rate, another summer is here,
bringing with it showers and flowers.
Old and new.

My writing desires have changed.
Oh, I still write Romance and
Romantic Suspense, but another
genre has caught my attention.
Inspiration. A tug on my heart has
pulled me toward more important
matters. So watch for excerpts on my
next novel with an Inspirational tone.

"Unbreakable Bond" a short story,
was picked up by
"Hope For Life
After Love"
Anthology. Check back
for publication date.

Also, a memory book for my
Emaleigh, is coming
along. Many of you asked whether
we would share her life's story.
We've decided to share. When it's
finished, I'll post the information to
"Grace Will Lead Us Home"
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As promised, here is a photo of my son's 2004 Boone & Crockett.
When I saw how enormous the head and neck were hanging on the
wall, I couldn't imagine the size of the body. Huge.

His story was published in the September, 2005 issue of
North American Whitetail Magazine.
January 12, 2007
Michael's a great hunter and a wonderful writer. I hope you enjoy
the story behind the 2004 Boone & Crockett and 2005 non-typical
from Saskatchewan.

The story is from North American Whitetail, July 2006 issue, also
an online read for now. I don't know how long it will be up, so for
those of you who'd like to read the current story, follow this link:  

North American Whitetail
2005 Non-typical
2004 Boone & Crockett